Healing Effect

July 16, 2017

Rev. Alex Mandura - Mark 5:1-20. Many of us want Jesus to bring healing to our hurts and even resolution to our long- standing problems that have become a part of who we are. We want our identities to be changed and transformation to take place. However, we may not be aware or ready for the effect that the healing has upon, not just ourselves, but on our relationships and our community. The miracle of the healed demoniac confronts us with the reality that transformational healing can still take place and lives are still changed because of it.


The One Who Returned

July 11, 2017

Rev. Beau Hamner - Luke 17:11-19. Jesus oftentimes finds us in places in which we are stuck, places that are “between.” In those places, we know we need Jesus, even if it is just his pity. Out of desperation we are willing to obey while accepting his pity. We settle, as if his pity is all that he wants to offer us. In doing so, we fail to receive the full transformation that can take place in our lives. This transformation can only take place when we discover the fullness of Christ and surrender at his feet.


Did You Hear That?

July 2, 2017
Steve DeNeff - Mark 7:31-37. Throughout the Bible, we encounter people who cannot hear: “Ever hearing, but never understanding,” because their hearts are calloused. Like white noise, they have heard the same things so long that they can no longer hear them . . . or anything else. What are the obstacles that prevent us from genuinely hearing? How does Jesus “make the deaf hear” today? What might we do to cooperate with the miracle of hearing that God wants for us? This sermon will explore the stages of having our own ears opened, so we can hear more of what God has been saying all along.

Your Witness

June 25, 2017

Rev. Steve DeNeff - John 9:1-25. Over the years, we have developed many clever methods for leading people to Christ but none are more compelling than the witness of one who’s seen a miracle. An evangelist (euangelistes) is not a salesman, but simply a messenger of good; someone who has witnessed a miracle. Anyone who has had their own eyes opened can testify. This sermon will show us how to witness, using the miracle that happened once to us.


Deep Waters

June 18, 2017

Rev. Eric Crisp - Luke 5:1-11. Many of us want to live our lives on the shores of Christianity listening to the great teachings of Jesus and looking for a miracle to help or amaze us. But, like Simon Peter, Jesus may be asking us to do something that seems risky or ridiculous when viewed thru the lens of our experience. It is when Jesus asks us to move out into the deep water that we often see a miracle. The miracle of the large catch of fish challenges us to follow Jesus into the deep water of disciple-making and trust him to produce the miraculous increase.


The Impossible

June 11, 2017

Rev. Steve DeNeff - John 2:1-11. Why is this “the first (archon – the ruling, the overarching, the predominant) miracle that Jesus performed?” In this introduction to the series on Jesus’ miracles, we’ll explore how the turning of water into wine, at a wedding in Cana, was typical of everything Jesus came to do. The whole gospel – the covenant, the mystery, the good news for those who have run out of wine – is present in this first miracle. This message will, I hope, inspire us to appreciate what we have, to go into the world and share it with hope, and to believe again in the miracle of transformation.


The Believer and the Body

June 4, 2017

Rev. Steve DeNeff - John 17:20-23, 25-26; Eph. 4:1-6. For some, the most significant affect of the Holy Spirit is that He joins us to fellow believers, to whom we belong. In Paul’s letters, three metaphors explain how, exactly, the Spirit does this: A body, a family and a temple. In each, the Spirit does something miraculous to join us to the people of God who serve to assist the Holy Spirit in forming us. This last sermon will explore this crucial link between the individual believer and the Body of Christ.